Our Wines

Our wines are made and bottled at our vineyard by our vintner and viticulturist, Kandaya (Pep) Selvan.

Dry White 
Seyval  (pear, apple, crisp, dry white)
Vignoles (pineapple, mango, grapefruit finish)

Off-Dry White
Vidal Blanc (tropical, crisp white)
Traminette (peachy, lime, citrus )
Aromè (off –dry, Vignoles/Traminette blend)

Semi-Sweet White
Seyval 2016 (pear, apple, soft pear finish)
Traminette (peach, apricot, floral finish)

Sweet White 
Kansas Transplant (Sweet Moscato)

Sweet Red / Blush
Prairie Red (Sweet Fredonia)
Betty’s Blush (Sweet Chambourcin Blush)

Dry Rosé
Panape Rosé  2015 (St. Vincent)

Dry Red
Wolf Red (fruit–forward unoaked blend)
St. Vincent (barrel aged, medium bodied red)
Veritas (barrel aged, Chambourcin)
Chambourcin (2014 barrel aged, full bodied red)
Vin d’une Nuit (barrel aged, medium bodied Norton)
Campfire Red (barrel aged, full bodied Norton)
Norton 2015 (barrel aged, full bodied,dry red)

Dessert Wine
Fado Luz (vanilla, caramel, raisin, barrel aged, St. Vincent dessert wine)