Uncorked Pianist ~ Tasting Events

Wine Tasting Events ~ Fall 2020 / Winter 2021

Winter 2021 tasting events with THE UNCORKED PIANIST
at BlueJacket Crossing Vineyard Will be Announced soon!

Our talented friend Michael Kirkendoll aka the Uncorked Pianist, is primarily a concert pianist and professor of piano at the University of Kansas. Mike has a deep passion for fine wine and great food and an equal passion for sharing those experiences with others. Uncorked Pianist, LLC is his opportunity to share this passion for wine and food with others, and his tastings are always an entertaining and enlightening experience.

He has passed his Introductory Sommelier Exam with the U.S. Court of Master Sommeliers and is now in the process of completing his certification.

With Michael Kirkendoll ~ The Uncorked Pianist
Date:  October 30th, 7:00-9:30pm

  • Experience the rising ‘Natural Wine Movement’ with an exciting tasting paired with a vegetarian dinner featuring locally-sourced produce hosted by Uncorked Pianist at BlueJacket Crossing Vineyard.
  • ‘Natural Wine’ is a term currently being used to describe wine produced without the addition or subtraction of any chemical compounds. This means wines with zero or only a tiny amount of sulfites added at bottling, the use of wild yeasts during fermentation, and organic growing principles in the vineyards. Natural wines tend to have a wild and rustic quality to them, and can be truly sensational. Some of the best wines in the world have been made in these ways for generations, however, the term and the movement have gained traction (and some controversy) in recent years. We will also enjoy several wines produced using organic or biodynamic farming practices, but perhaps not purely ‘natural’.
  • For this tasting, we will discover 5-6 natural and/or organic wines (sparkling, white, orange, and red) and the producers who make them alongside a 5-course vegetarian (not vegan) tasting menu. Wines and Menu TBA. Limited to 30 guests


PLUS ~ Fundraiser for the Eudora Public Library
With Michael Kirkendoll ~ The Uncorked Pianist
Date:  November 6th, 7:00-9:00pm

  • This special tasting will include 6-8 wines
  • Featured wines will represent the elegance, diversity, and complexity of Pinot Noir, one of the most historic and important grapes in the wine world. We will enjoy wines from Burgundy, Oregon, California, Germany, and South America, as well as at least one Gamay wine from the Beaujolais AOC at the southern tip of Burgundy.
  • Guests are invited to make an optional donation (suggested donation $50) to the Eudora Community Library Capital Campaign. Help them to keep reaching out and being a bright light for the Eudora community!